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Galaxy R1 RWL

Galaxy R1 WSW

Vitour Tyres

Vitour Tyres have been manufacturing tyres in Shandong china for well over a decade. They are an independent manufacturer completely focussed on the needs of their customers.

The specialize in the design and manufacturer of Custom Classic Tyres with Raised White Lettering (RWL) for your pride and joy.

The Galaxy R1 RWL tyres come in the following fantastic sizes:

205/70R14 95H

215/70R14 96H

225/70R14 98H

235/60R14 96H

245/60R14 98H

215/60R15 94V

215/70R15 97H

225/70R15 100H

235/60R15 98V

235/70R15 103H

245/60R15 101V

255/60R15 102V

255/70R15 108H

265/50R15 99H

275/60R15 107V

285/70R15 115H

295/50R15 105H

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Chapel Corner Tyres proudly distribute Vitour Tyres exclusively in Victoria.

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