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Dunlop Tyres

For over 120 years Dunlop Tyres have led the way in innovation and motoring development. Whether its on the racetrack, on the road, or out in the bush, and exceptional driver experience and enhanced vehicle performance are at the heart of every Dunlop Tyre.

The history of Dunlop is inextricably linked with the innovations introduced by the company. The history goes hand in hand with Dunlop’s commitment to motor-racing competition in all its forms. The transfer of racing technology to everyday driving on the road is a genuine tradition that goes right back to the earliest days of the Dunlop tyre Company.

Over the course of more than 120 years, Dunlop has achieved amazing results on the racetrack. So whether its on the track or on the road, Dunlop is the tyre of choice for driving enthusiasts all over the world.

Passenger Range

SP Sport FM800

The Dunlop SP Sport FM800 is the latest flagship tyre in the Dunlop passenger range. With an outstanding heritage of proven and successful products such as the SP Sport Fast Response and the SP Sport 300E, the SP Sport FM800 delivers the latest in technological advances with an enhanced silica compound and tread design all aimed at providing exceptional wet performance for family and driving enthusiasts alike.

SP Sport LM704

The Dunlop SP Sport LM704 is the ideal tyre for a wide range of vehicles. Designed with Silica tread compound to ensure superior braking and handling in wet and dry conditions and optimised pattern to promote even tread wear, stability and low noise. The Dunlop SP Sport LM704 offers drivers value for money coupled with great performance.

SP Sport Maxx TT

The SP Sport Maxx TT has been designed with some of the latest motorsport features . If you are a demanding performance driver and expect outstanding handling in all conditions then this tyre won’t disappoint. Constructed with Kevlar® and Touch Technology it not only enhances steering response and breaking it drives enhanced grip and acceleration. It’s as close to the track as you can feel.


SP Sport LM704 Angle

SP Sport Maxx TT Angle

Feel The Road!

Committed to delivering superior tyres, Dunlop offers a high quality range with innovative design features to suit your needs.

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4×4 Tyres

Grandtrek PT3

  • Silica based tread compound
  • Equal Rib Distribution
  • Pattern Design
  • Provides better braking and grip on both wet and dry roads, also helps to reduce rolling resistance which can deliver better fuel efficiency
  • Improved straight line handling and stability for increased comfort on the highway
  • To reduce noise for a quieter ride

Grandtrek AT20

Highway Terrain

Fitted as standard on Toyota Prado models for an exceptional ride. Th Grandtrek AT20 features reinforced casing to reduce the risk of sidewall damage and is suitable for drivers who enjoy both on and off-road driving.

Grandtrek AT22

Highway Terrain

Fitted as original equipment on Toyota Landcruiser for superior 4WD performance. The Grandtrek AT22 features reinforced casing to reduce the risk of sidewall damage in tough off-road conditions. It is suitable for drivers who like to mix up their driving surfaces, on and off-road.

Grandtrek AT3

All Terrain

Developed for outstanding on and off-road performance, this 4×4 tyre gives you the best of both worlds. Enjoy high-speed stability and impressive off-road traction in tough conditions. The Grandtrek AT3 features lower road noise generation for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

Grandtrek AT3 Angle

Grandtrek AT3G Angle (4WD)

Grandtrek AT20 Angle

Grandtrek AT22 Angle

Grandtrek At25 Angle

Grandtrek PT3 Angle (4WD)

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Light Truck / Commercial Range

SP 175e

Renowned for its excellent wet performance, superb handling and superior fuel economy, the Dunlop SP175 is Australia’s first silicia light truck tyre.

Its premium casing construction helps the SP175 to stay robust and lends it improved endurance across tough terrains. The versatile tread design of this tyre, which features reinforced shoulders with outer edge notches, ensures improved handling and resistance to shoulder wear. The complex groove and sipe network of the tread pattern allows the the SP175 to evade the hazards of wet or slick roads and retain incredible grip. Meanwhile, the tyre’s enhanced tread compound delivers lower rolling resistance and improves overall fuel efficiency.

With its long and revolutionary history of excellence in wet and dry conditions, the Dunlop SP175E is a superior light truck tyre that truly delivers on performance and longevity.


The Dunlop SPLT30A is a light truck tyre that boasts modern features specifically designed for superior ride comfort and fuel efficiency, as well as improved longevity. Its wide grooves and lateral blading work to expertly clear water from the tyre and provide great wet traction, while its robust shoulder rib with its rounded edge improves resistance to uneven wear. Meanwhile, the SPLT30A’s flat tread contour delivers excellent handling and mileage, and improves durability.

With its new generation four rib design, the Dunlop SPLT30A is the perfect match for a number of light commercial vans and pick-up trucks.



SP175E Angle

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