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Mechanical Services

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At Chapel Corner we carry out services on all makes and models of vehicles – old and new! Our technicians have the latest diagnostic tools and the experience to keep your car running safely and in the best quality condition.

We are RACV and VACC approved and preferred repairers. We can perform full logbook servicing and stamp your books to maintain your new car warranty.

Regular servicing is not a legal requirement, but it is essential to maintain your vehicle’s long term health and safety. Servicing ensures that a full safety check is performed regularly on the vehicle. This includes critical elements such as tyres, brakes and suspension, so that any issues are picked up at the earliest possible instance and helps to assure you that your vehicle is always in a safe and reliable condition.

Regular servicing can also save you money at the petrol pump. New air, oil and fuel filters make for a cleaner running engine and a more fuel efficient car. Inflating tyres to their correct pressure and ensuring wheel alignments are in specification will also reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel consumption.

Regular servicing decreases your vehicle’s chances of breakdown. Breakdowns are expensive and inconvenient at the best of times – and even worse when they could have been avoided!


Brakes are one of the most important safety systems in your car. They help you stop, slow down, and keep you in a stationary position when parked. There are many components to your braking system and it is important to have everything checked every 6 months. Vehicles have brake pads fitted on all 4 wheels, but did you know there are many more components to your brake system? Some vehicles have brake discs and/or drums in their assemblies, newer vehicles have anti lock braking systems (ABS) to prevent wheels from locking up under braking and skidding. ABS system usually work in conjunction with our vehicle systems such as stability control.

Our technicians can provide a full assessment and quotation for brake repairs and replacement using up to date diagnostic tools.

Signs your brakes need urgent attention are:

  • Soft/Spongey Brake Pedal
  • Grinding noise when you brake
  • Vibration/pulsation when you brake
  • Car is pulling to one side when you brake
  • Squeaking noise when you brake
  • High handbrake
  • Dashboard light indicating something is wrong


Your car suspension is the system that minimises bumps and vibrations for a smoother and more comfortable ride. It takes the full force of the road, so it is prone to wear and tear.

The car suspension system is comprised of struts, springs, stabilisers, tyres, suspension arms and shock absorbers. These parts all work together to give you a comfortable ride. They keep your vehicle stable and your tyres firmly in contact with the road surface for the maximum amount of time which is essential for your brakes to work effectively. Worn shock absorbers can increase braking distance significantly as tyres have less contact with the road.

If any suspension components are worn or damaged, it is important to have them replaced immediately or they will significantly impact your car’s performance.

Signs your suspension might need urgent attention are:

  • Irregular/uneven tyre wear
  • Excessive bounce on road
  • Poor handling
  • Car looks uneven when it is parked

Chapel Corner holds a wide range of struts, springs, stabilisers, shock absorbers and other suspension components for your car. Our suspension specialists can also look at whether your tyres need replacing too.

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Chapel Corner Tyres proudly distribute Vitour Tyres exclusively in Victoria.

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The performance of your engine relies heavily on a functioning car radiator as the radiator is responsible for removing excess heat from the engine. It also provides heated air to the car’s interior.

Regular cooling system inspections, maintenance and a coolant flush can prevent unnecessary coolant loss and overheating, which can cause internal damage to your engine. This is vital to ensure your car runs smoothly.

A malfunctioning car radiator can be caused by:

  • a leaking radiator hose – hoses can get brittle with age and crack, as well as fail.
  • a leaking radiator
  • rust in your radiator – road debris, humidity and other factors can contribute to rust
  • an inaccurate thermostat – this should be inspected regularly
  • air in cooling system – air trapped inside can restrict the flow of coolant and lessen the component’s efficiency
  • a damaged radiator fan – car that overheats while idle may have a damaged radiator fan
  • a damaged water pump – a malfunctioning pump will cause the engine to overheat

The mechanics at Chapel Corner can identify the cause and coordinate your radiator repair for you. We can flush, service or repair your car radiator and cooling system to ensure you’re running smoothly all day, every day.


In Melbourne, a certificate of roadworthiness is required when a vehicle is either sold, needs to be re-registered, or needs to be cleared of a vehicle defect. Obtaining a certificate of roadworthiness in Melbourne requires your car to be inspected by a licensed assessor. Chapel Corner are able to perform roadworthy inspections on cars, vans, utilities and light truck. We can assess petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles. During this inspection, our specialists assess the major safety features of the vehicle to ensure it is safe to run on the road. The inspected safety features are the wheels and tyres, steering, suspension and brakes, seat belts, and much more.


Are you buying a new car? Chapel Corner can perform official RACV pre purchase inspections, providing you with complete confidence when buying your new car.

We use the latest in diagnostic equipment to give your potential vehicle a complete inspection before you make your purchase. Our pre-purchase inspections check over your car extensively to help you avoid ending up with a damaged or costly vehicle in the near future. Our evaluation includes checking for damage of the car and assessing the condition of the car’s operation. It is a full and thorough work over and you are emailed a complete report.

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