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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli, founded in 1872, is the fifth-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Combining high performance, research and innovation, along with safety and respect for the environment, Pirelli’s aim is to change your driving experience.

“Power is nothing without control” is at the centre of all Pirelli products. And, by constantly challenging the boundaries of tyre technology, style and sustainability, the brand continues to set trends and define the standard for high-performance tyres across the globe. It invented the “wide radial tyre” in 1974 following a request from the Lancia rally racing team for a tyre strong enough to withstand the power of the new Lancia Stratos.

Pirelli is present in over 160 countries and boasts a network of around 10,000 distributors and retailers, along with 19 manufacturing sites worldwide. Pirelli is also the exclusive tyre supplier for the Formula One Championship, from 2011 onwards, and also for the FIM World Superbike Championship.

Pirelli Cinturato P6

Cinturato P6 provides the perfect equilibrium of performance, fuel saving, comfort and a high level of safety for mid-size and compact cars.

Pirelli Cinturato P7

Pirelli’s first “Green Performance” tyre, the Cinturato P7 has been created to take full advantage of latest materials, structures and tread pattern design in order to guarantee savings, respect for the environment, comfort and safety on all road surfaces.

Dragon Sport

The Dragon Sport is a premium tyre particularly developed for the Australasian market, improving handling performance in wet and dry, whilst guaranteeing safety and comfort.

Gripping Stuff!

Pirelli have a full range of Passenger, High Performance, 4×4 and SUV tyres – something to suit just about every vehicle!

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P Zero

A milestone in the development of the Pirelli range, the P Zero has been chosen as original equipment for the most performance oriented and powerful models on the market. Its asymmetric tread pattern improves braking perfoamce and enhances handling and control. Excellent in wet conditions with improved safety in potential aquaplaning situations. Its new nano-composite composite compound ensures maximum grip and stability. The structural integrity of the tyre improves steering response, which is essential in sport driving, and also ensures uniform tread wear. The special “s-shaped” grooves in the tread area deliver lower cabin noise levels, enhancing driver control.

Scorpion Zero

The ideal SUV and all season tyre. Good grip and traction on all surfaces.

Scorpion Verde All Season

The ideal choice for Crossovers and SUV’s. It is conceived for drivers who look for higher mileage and light off-road performance, without giving up comfort and safety on all road surfaces and in every condition.

Scorpion All Terrain AT Plus

The new Scorpion All Terrain Plus is designed to deliver high off-road performance even on difficult surfaces: rocks, snow, mud, grass and sand. The new aggressive tread pattern design and its robust carcass make the new Scorpion All Terrain Plus the perfect choice to ride for long distances without any compromise in safety and comfort on the road. Thanks to its specifically designed tread pattern it is able to evacuate water, mud and stones. The sipes inserted inside the tread blocks deliver high level of grip on slippery surfaces. The tyre is also suitable for tough off-road conditions, thanks to its reinforced sidewall and the shape and dimensions of its blocks. This tyre is rated M&S which makes it suitable for use in Australian Alpine Areas.

Scorpion MTR

Especially designed to suit 4WD vehicles, the Scorpion MTR features a self-cleaning pattern able to channel mud and gravel out of the tread and lugs for a secure grip on a variety of surfaces.

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