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Comfort Contact 6


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Premium Contact 6


Cross Contact UHP


Conti Sport Contact 5

Continental Tyres

Since they were founded in 1871, Continental has worked for one ultimate goal: to bring safety to the streets without compromising driving comfort or pleasure. Early inventions included the world’s first tyre with tread pattern in 1904, to the visionary eContact electric vehicle tyre range and their technological automotive innovations – they constantly develop their expertise in mobility, transport and processing.

Car manufacturers only use premium tyres that conform to the highest quality standards. They make sure Continental tyres meet all of them. From maximum speed to wet and dry braking, handling, comfort and noise level as well as mileage: Continental’s engineers perform more than 100 different tests to ensure that an OE tyre fits to the vehicle – no matter if it is a sports car or a van. As a result, Continental is one of the leading OE supplier for car manufacturers worldwide: almost every third vehicle in Europe leaves the factory on Continental tyres. That makes Continental Europe’s first choice among initial fitters – and very proud, too.

Ultra Contact UC6

  • Full Control on wet roads
  • Extreme short braking distances in dry and wet road conditions
  • High grip level combined with long durability
  • Low Noise Level

ContisportContact 5

  • Excellent road grip and handling just as safely when cornering
  • Shorter braking distances in all weather conditions
  • Reduced fuel consumption and high mileage potential

ContisportContact 5P

  • Perfect steering precision and sport handling
  • Outstanding grip and stability during cornering
  • Optimised to meet the specific requirements of front and rear axle positions

Comfort Contact CC6

  • Superior low noise level
  • Excellent comfortable ride
  • High mileage performance

MaxContact MC6

  • Safety you can rely on thanks to confident braking in wet and dry conditions
  • Driving confidence thanks to sport handling and direct feedback from the road
  • Outstanding value from the latest German Technology offering a perfect combination of good mileage and low road noise

Premium Contact 6

When comfort is much more than just a driving characteristic

  • Maximum wet braking while improving mileage due t Safety Silica Compounds
  • Extended driving convenience updated by the comfort-optimised performance footprint
  • Sport driving in every car thanks to handling-optimized pattern design

UltraContact UC6 SUV

  • Precise handling and response for modern day SUV’s
  • High level of traction, grip and safety on both wet and dry roads
  • A quiet and comfortable ride with reduced noise levels

ContiCrossContact UHP

  • Short braking distances and high cornering stability
  • Safety reserves for outstanding handling and fun at the wheels
  • Low rolling resistance and excellent grip

When braking counts, you can count on us

If the leading car manufacturers trust Continental, so can you.

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